Mastercraft Electrical Licensee Opportunities

Looking for an opportunity to enhance your business?

At Mastercraft Electrical our Licensees throughout NZ are enjoying the benefits of leveraging a national Brand, Supply Chain and Knowledge Base whilst retaining the independence of local business ownership.

A Mastercraft Electrical Licence provides you with the opportunity to integrate the benefits of the Mastercraft brand with your existing business.

Why choose Mastercraft?

At Mastercraft Electrical we strive to bring professionalism and consistency to the residential and commercial electrical industry.

Our Licensees provide a range of electrical services through locally owned and operated businesses across New Zealand, under one national brand.


Brand, Supply, Knowledge

The three key factors that work together to ensure you make the most of your Mastercraft Electrical licence are:
  • Brand
  • Supply
  • Knowledge

The success of our group is based on our ability to brand together, learn and share information together, and maximise group buying power. We are proud to work with industry-leading Supply Partners.

These key attributes enable our Licensees to provide a superior experience to their customers, and ensure Mastercraft Electrical is at the forefront of our industry.

The Licensee/Licensor relationship

Business Licensing is a well-developed, internationally recognised business model with some clearly defined guidelines.  Licensing is a unique and special relationship which in which you remain in total control of how you run your business, while leveraging the many benefits of being part of a larger group.

Mastercraft has established this group by recruiting the best existing electrical contractors throughout the country. It is important to note our group structure is not a franchise model.

If you are interested in finding out more about the criteria to join Mastercraft Electrical, contact us enquire here: