Leighton Electrical four-day working week. Leighton Scott, Emily Scott, Mastercraft Electrical Kerikeri

Mastercraft Electrical Kerikeri  four-day working week

Network membership inspires the successful implementation of a business-changing initiative.

Mastercraft Electrical is a nationwide group of independently owned and operated Electrical Businesses that enjoy the benefits of operating under a nationally recognised brand whilst retaining the essence of local kiwi businesses, and Mastercraft Electrical Kerikeri (Leighton Electrical Ltd) is a shining example of how membership in this professional network has lead to positive and transformative business practices. 

Leighton Scott, owner of Mastercraft Electrical Kerikeri (Leighton Electrical Ltd), was inspired to introduce a  four-day working week during a Mastercraft Electrical Conference in Wellington. He implemented the initiative following a conversation with another business owner in the group who had already seen success with this model. The results have proven to be remarkable with staff reporting improved work-life balance, increased productivity, and enhanced mental health via a 38-hour working week achieved across four workdays. Better still, employees are paid for 40 hours, which Leighton agrees is a wise investment given that productivity and staff satisfaction have so markedly improved.

Leighton has also found an incremental benefit via the practice assisting with recruitment. Since implementation, he has successfully employed three new team members, which had previously proved to be difficult in the tight Kerikeri labour market.

These business improvements are a direct result of the ideas and experiences shared within the Mastercraft Electrical network, showcasing the significant benefits membership provides to independent business owners that would otherwise be largely unavailable to standalone operators.


For more on the success of the four-day working week, check out the NZ Herald story via this link.